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Pogo Digital is a premier software house specialising in bespoke software and AI solutions, with a robust proficiency in digital marketing. Our team consists of highly skilled and dedicated professionals committed to delivering top-quality work tailored to each client’s specific needs. We pride ourselves on our strategic approach: first understanding our clients’ business objectives, then developing innovative software solutions that integrate seamlessly with their operations. Alongside our core software development services, we also offer comprehensive online marketing and SEO solutions, ensuring that the digital aspects of our clients’ businesses thrive. This commitment to delivering both cutting-edge technology and effective marketing strategies establishes us as a leading provider of integrated digital solutions in Cardiff.

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eTick Pro is an innovative online platform for managing electronic tickets, suitable for a range of events and attractions. It offers customisable ticket types and pricing structures, real-time reporting and analytics, and is particularly ideal for theme parks.

We are running a set courses in School of Management of Cardiff MET, Llandaff Campus, Western Ave. There are one 2 hours lecture and 2 x 2 hours workshop. The topic is Mobile Marketing. To find out more about workshop 1, please click the button to the right.

After conducting a comprehensive analysis of your website, we’ll send you the results in a PDF file. Our free analysis covers the 60 most critical SEO factors, and we’ll provide solutions to any issues we uncover.

Pogo Digital is excited to announce our acceptance into the prestigious Google Partners Club. Our SEO and AdWords specialist, Pawel, has successfully passed multiple exams, including AdWords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, and Video Advertising. Congratulations, Pawel

Digital & Marketing Services

Bespoke SAAS

Cutting-edge Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions Pogo Digital provides innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, enabling businesses to enhance efficiency and simplify operations. Our scalable, secure cloud-based applications require no heavy upfront investment, offering you the latest technology with robust data security and continuous support. Optimise your business processes effortlessly with Pogo Digital’s SaaS offerings.

AI Solutions

Enhancing decision-making and streamlining operations We offer tailored AI solutions that drive efficiency and innovation for businesses. Our AI services harness the power of machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics to solve complex problems and optimize operations. With Pogo Digital’s AI solutions, businesses can expect enhanced decision-making, improved customer experiences, and streamlined processes. Unlock the potential of your data and gain a competitive edge with our cutting-edge AI technologies.


Living in the digital age means that we’re in a world where almost everyone is online. The vast majority of businesses and professional individuals now have websites, pages on social media, blogs and a wide array of other online or digital spaces. Of course, to create an effective, user friendly website, you need a talented web design professional. At Pogo Digital, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, and our website design is no different. We will make sure that we fully understand your needs and expectations before our team of talented web designers get stuck in.


Search Engine Optimisation – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Whether your website is fresh off the programmers’ screens, or you’ve been online for a decade, doubtless you want to see it at the top of Google’s rankings. At Pogo Digital, we offer SEO services to help you achieve just that. We can optimise your website to help it appear higher in search engine rankings, as well as ensuring that all new content is fully search engine friendly.

Local SEO

Is your business selling Locally? Local SEO is an excellent strategy for supporting and supplementing the activities carried out within the framework of traditional SEO. By making small optimization changes and relevant off site work you can get tangible benefits in terms of improved CTR and reaching easily specific customers located in your city. Local SEO is not only a chance for small businesses operating locally, but also for large companies wanting to reach out to their customers in the cities in which they have their branches. The success is out there and all you need to do is to reach for it.


Pay Per Click Management (PPC) AdWords The PPC Management service offered by Pogo-Digital puts your pay-per-click advertising campaign in the hands our fully certified PPC experts team. Our experts have wide knowledge and experience in running campaigns across Google’s AdWords, Bing adCenter, and a number of other advertising platforms with equal proficiency. This ensures that our clients will maximise their brand visibility throughout their PPC campaign. Our customized PPC strategies provide improvements in return from Google AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns.  Your investment is maximized by utilizing incoming market data to optimize all aspects of your PPC accounts. Well-performing keywords, audience segments, and ads will be managed and looked after; the low-performers will be eliminated and the trending performance of your account will improve month-over-month.


How social is your business?

Recently every company wanting to enter the market needs to take care of their image and try to keep constant consumer interest. Gone are the days where traditional media were enough. Its the era of Social Media, which creates new market opportunities and above all an innovative approach to communication between the consumer, media and brand.

Activities in the Social Media bring many tangible benefits like improving the company’s image, increasing brand awareness, customers commitment and noticeable increase in sales.

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