Pay-Per-Click Advertising (or PPC) is becoming more and more prevalent every day. With so much competition in any business, it’s extremely important to make sure that you’re being seen and PPC is one of the best ways to do just that.

What is PPC?

PPC is, as the name suggests, a method of advertising where you only pay when somebody actually clicks on your advert. You literally play-per-click. When you search for something on Google and see advertised results (shown by a small yellow symbol) either down the side or above the organic search results, these are from PPC campaigns. When you find yourself on a website and you notice the classic banner ads down the side, those are from PPC campaigns. We’ll mostly be taking here about PPC using Google.

How do I do it?

For advertising on Google, their own Adwords system is the place to go. Thankfully it’s quite easy to understand and use, though to use it as effectively as possible, you may want to hire a PPC expert or a PPC management company. When you set up your PPC campaign you choose which keywords you want to advertise with, the price of which is dictated based on how much competition there is for the keywords (ie, how many other companies are paying for these keywords). Obviously, the more your competitors are paying for the keywords, the more you’ll have to pay if you want to top them. It’s effectively a bidding system, with the company or individual who pays the most having their ads appear above the rest in the search rankings.

A key tool in any consumer’s arsenal.

How can PPC benefit my business?

The benefits of increased visibility for your business are fairly obvious, so this one is something of a no-brainer. But how can PPC specifically benefit your business? What makes it a better advertising technique than others? Well, firstly, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t use a search engine in their day to day life, and out of all those people the majority use Google. This gives you a uniquely large potential audience for your ads, and since your ads would only show up for people searching for the terms you’ve chosen, you can guarantee that the vast majority of people who see your ads are people who will be interested in your business. Another huge benefit of PPC is the fact that you only pay when your ad is clicked on, meaning that you can really keep your advertising budget down.

Where can I get help with PPC?

Naturally, PPC can be confusing for newcomers, and even seasoned business owners and marketing specialists often end up paying more for PPC than they need. Your best bet in that case is to hire a PPC management agency. At Pogo Digital, we offer PPC management services, as well as teaching businesses how best to use their resources for PPC. So, whether you want to learn from scratch, need some help making your existing campaign more cost-effective or you want us to set up and manage the whole campaign for you, we can absolutely help. Just contact us today.

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