Display advertising is an effective tool for all those who want to display ads on sites belonging to the Google Display Network. It is more than 2 million sites reaching approximately 90% of all Internet users – learn more about the display campaign and why you should invest in it.

It may seem that “display campaign” only applies to graphic forms of advertising. Nothing could be further from the truth, because there are different types of display ads, such as graphic forms, and multimedia. Let’s find out then, what is the display ad, how to make your display campaign bring the expected results, and whether it is worth to use it conducting your business on the Internet.

Display ad – what is it?

To exist on the Internet, to sell, to achieve business goals, you can’t skip the Google Display Network. It is a collection of over 2 million sites where you can show ads. Every day, millions of Internet users are shown display advertising that encourage action. It is safe to say that ensuring a smooth display campaign is a very good tool to facilitate the process of existence in the network. Google, as a part of its advertising network, offers four types of display ads. Here they are:

  • Text ads – very popular, it is extremely important to show content which will attract the viewer
  • Graphic ads – static or animated pictures, attracting users to act by visual stimulation
  • Video ads – video files that are most popular way of advertising nowadays
  • Multimedia ads – video ads combined with cartoons are one of the most effective ads on the market as they reach out to users in more active way than text or graphic ads.


Is it worth running a display campaign?

The display campaign has a number of advantages for advertisers. The biggest strength of display ads is the fact that thanks to the huge reach and appropriately directed reach the targeted audience. Remember that the Google Network is not only the big sites but also those niche ones. Perhaps their users are your target group?

The aim of the promotional activities on the Internet are not only direct reactions of customers, like selling products, but can also promote brand awareness to reach as many potential customers as possible. Display advertising, with the ability to measure the effectiveness of the media and maximize results, allows for optimization, facilitating the achievement of the expected results. The strength of display advertising lies also in tools provided by Google to manage. Using the Placement Performance report, optimizer or conversion tracking you can easily eliminate the weaknesses of the campaign, and focus on those that bring you closer to the pursued objective.

The context mechanism associated with the content is another advantage of display advertising. The close association between promotional campaigns and what actually interests Internet users is an opportunity not only for sale, but also to increase brand awareness. Display advertising is often a response to a searches done by Internet users, for example, if your business is a shop with clothes, your ads can appear on portals or forums related to this topic.


How does a perfect display campaign look like?

Now that we know that it is worth to focus on optimizing display advertising, let’s see how to make this work in accordance with our assumptions. The basis is the effective use of text, images or colours. These are factors that directly affect customers, so it should be prioritized.

Remember to maintain the amount of text and image size at an appropriate level in relation to the size of the ad. Only a clear, legible and aesthetic display ad will be remembered, making it a real opportunity to achieve our goal. We can’t forget the call to action – visible button “buy now”, “call us now” or “show me” is an absolute must.

When creating a content, which we plan to catch the attention of customers with, we can’t forget about phrases like “promotion”, “discount”, “offer” or “opportunity”. Nothing encourages potential clients more than a unique situation which they can benefit from. It is our task to draw the attention of customers – we have to find a solution they are looking for and facilitate the decision making process. We have to make sure that “Call to Action” button will lead to appropriate landing page, so when users clicks on “offer” but they are redirected straight to our offer, not the home page. If you do not know how an advert should look like and what important things should be emphasised you can use a gallery of adverts shared by Google. You need to remember that each element needs to work with the others, make a good impression on the viewers and be exactly the thing they are looking for.

Display ads and tests

You need to remember that even using our advice you can’t be certain of a success. Incompetently run campaign can bring more losses than profits, so you should entrust it to specialists. The only way to achieve this goal is the continuous monitoring and testing. It is worth embodying different ideas for display advertising, make use of ready-made solutions suggested by Google, but also to experiment. If you do not have sufficient skills, take advantage of the help of experts.

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