Are you a business owner and are you looking a way to reach more customers? Business website is the answer to your needs. However it can’t be just another website. There are few things you need to remember about to make your website attractive for the potential customers and to make it possible to do SEO work on it. This article will let you know the key elements a professional websites should contain. See for yourself how easy it is.

1. Business website needs to be attractive

When designing your website, make sure its graphic side is tailored to your target audience. Make sure your business corresponds to the aesthetics of the site. Do not use ready-made templates because it may soon turn out that another company has come up with the same idea. Potential customers seeing copied website and design will not take you seriously. Also, remember that graphics are not just photos and colours. Make sure you have legible fonts in the matching colour scheme.

If you want your customers to appreciate your company’s website, also take into account the intuitiveness and ease of navigation. A well-designed web site can hook the Internet users for more than a few seconds. This is very important, because the Internet is all about grabbing the attention of wide audience.

2. Don’t forget about mobile device users

Good business website should be responsive. This means that you have to match its content to the technical capabilities of your mobile device. Its resolution should match the screen size of the Internet user. We do not need to convince you of the importance of responsiveness. Surely you have not tried to browse through the pages of your mobile phone that were not designed for you. Microscopic font and navigation from outer space can lead to “a fit” even the most peaceful person. So do not make your customers angry and make your web site viewable on mobile devices. Also remember that Google looks at responsive pages with a lot more favour.

3. Content is the king

A principle known to everyone who deals with internet marketing. Business website can be perfect from technical and visual point of view, but it’s for nothing if there is no traffic on it. This can be provided by creating attractive and engaging content. The content is what sell your products or services, not overcrowded gallery of photos.

The content you publish should be primarily consistent and valuable. By writing it, try to think about a potential reader. Think about what you might want to know and what kind of content will be best for them. Professional texts have one more advantage – they are an extremely important factor that influences the optimisation of your website. If you have no experience or imagination for writing quality content, hire a professional copywriter.

4. Anticipate the needs

When designing your website, think about what information on your website a first time user can look for. Research show that nearly 69% of respondents are interested in finding contact details quickly, 85% of respondents said that the company’s website should quickly provide information about services and their prices.

Treat these results as an unmistakable signal that prospective customers are expecting specific information. They are not interested in pouring water and multi-page essays. The contact form is also important. Thanks to it, your customers will be able to speak to you quickly and ask you a question. It is also a good idea to have a map showing where your company is located. There are some users who are interested in this kind of information. Additionally your company website may also contain a blog and newsletter. You will need to provide up-to-date information about your business and what are you offering.

5. Listen to Google

Attractive visual design, good content and responsiveness are very important, but that is not all. If you want your company website to be at the top of the search results, it must be well optimised for current Google requirements. Its architecture must be compatible with the algorithms that currently decide on SEO. If you make your web site high in search results, more potential customers will come to your site, which in turn will surely translate into sales. In addition to the measurable benefits of a high position, you will also gain the image of the industry leader and respect of your audience.

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