Event tracking implemented for over 1 million possible interactions
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Pogo Digital in Cardiff have been very helpful in facilitating our team in making the most of the data we already have and in unlocking creative ways to drive the collection of and analysis of our website data in the future.
Anthony Phillips, Senior Content
Pearson UK Digital Marketing
Key Facts
  • Pogo Digital worked on the Edexcel website, a key property owned by
    the Pearson group
  • They were tasked with finding a way to tag and monitor over 16,000 indexed pages on the website, along with over one million possible interactions that needed tracking
  • The primary goal was to streamline reporting across their large organisation
  • Pogo Digital split the data across distinct dashboards and used multiple goals to monitor the core interactions
  • Pearson were able to better use their data, compile reports and make changes to their website based on this reporting
Project Background

The Edexcel website has over 16,000 indexed pages which cater for a wide range of users and activities; it is also built and managed in several different parts. To help dictate their future strategy it was necessary to tie all of the data together and
collect additional information on conversions and user activity.

The site uses dynamic variations of the standard tracking code. As part of the project we
implemented dynamic event tracking code in order to track over one million possible interactions sitewide, from PDF downloads to external links.

  • Streamline reporting by consolidating and organising the data
  • Implement Event Tracking for over one million possible interactions
  • Make it easier for everyone to use and report at different experience levels
  • Enable Edexcel to gain actionable insights from the data

The Analytics account had a huge amount of data and required an easy-to-use structure (both in the profiles and the naming conventions) in order for the company to get the most from the data. This presented a large challenge in splitting the data into dashboards so it could be understood by those with little knowledge of Analytics. Pogo Digital also had to ensure they presented critical business data and highlighted key trends so the knowledge could be gained via one screen and in one click.

The project involved a full audit and in depth re-tagging, but one of the biggest takeaways that Edexcel receieved was an improved attitude towards Analytics within the company. Increased use of Analytics and the new-found ability to use
the data to make improvements to their websites and marketing campaigns meant that they could then help a large audience use the website with ease.

  • Restructured the account into 15 distinct profiles and added tracking code for over one million interactions
  • Used dynamic insertion to make the project future-proof and set up 16 goals to monitor the effectiveness of Pogo additions
  • Edexcel were better able to use the accounts, data and reports, whilst improving
    knowledge sharing across departments They were also able to make changes to the Edexcel website as a result of the data, including faster navigation