Within five months, total PPC Conversions increased by 178%
Reconditioned Engine Expert is one of the market leaders for UK engine reconditioning provider – offering reconditioned engines and engine reconditioning services to customers who are suffering car engine failures.
Since Pogo Digital in Cardiff took over our PPC work, we have seen considerable improvements in our Click through Rate (CTR), Converted Clicks and Cost per Conversion (CPA). Commercially the project has been a great success and has delivered an excellent return on investment.
Managing Director
Reconditioned Engine Expert
Key Facts
  • The company sought out Pogo Digital in order to improve their paid search by
    professionally managing the Google AdWords campaign.
  • They were looking to increase the number of leads coming in through
    their website.
  • Pogo Digital carried out widespread changes to the structure of their campaign, including comprehensive keyword research and competition analysis.
  • Within three months, Pogo Digital had increased total PPC Conversions by 178%, and increased the landing page Conversion Rate from 1.58% to 8.11%.
  • They also increased the ad text relevancy, which reduced the Cost per Lead from £35.25 to £12.55.
Project Background

Reconditioned Engine Expert is a one-stop-shop for UK car engine repair provider offers excellent services for all sorts of car engine problems.
The car engine market is incredibly filled up with cowboys, which is why Reconditioned Engine Expert relies on their user top level service to help their customers to get best quality of services.
The company identified the potential for exponential growth through Paid Search, but required a specialist to help to ensure their AdWords account reached its full potential. As an ambitious company looking to improve their online presence and market
share, they sought out Pogo Digital as a reputable PPC Agency – to help them realise their aspirations.

  • Drive a higher number of leads completed per day
  • Lower the overall Cost per Conversion to make the PPC account more profitable
  • Increase the Conversion Rate for the core keywords in the campaigns Improve the Click through Rate (CTR) and average position of ads
  • Work to improve the Quality Score for keywords to lower average Cost per Click (CPC)

Always working to the brief of the target audience and CPA, nearly 500 Ad Groups were created to effectively target all 1,800 keywords at a granular level; driving higher Click through Rates and Conversions. Over 1,200 adverts have also been created as part of ongoing split-testing of advert text to further increase CTR and Conversions through capturing better consumer interest.

Extensive keyword research was used to find new target keyword opportunities and uncover thousands of negative keywords. This helped eliminate wasted clicks, thus reducing the all-important Cost per Lead.

Google AdWords’ Ad Extensions features were used to maximise the value from each ad’s space in the results by providing details of USPs and phone numbers alongside the core written ad text. Ad scheduling and bid multipliers were also used to further refine targeting to only the best performing UK locations at the most effective times.

  • Conversions from Paid Search (PPC) increased by 178% year-on-year
  • Conversion Rate increased by 157.49% since the start of the project
  • Campaign Click through Rate (CTR) increased by 134.38%
  • Improved profitability of the MSG Cars AdWords account by decreasing the Cost
    per Conversion by 82.94%.