Building customer loyalty is very important in order to get regular orders. However, it is difficult, when the activity is carried out on-line and has no direct face to face contact with the customer. Building customer loyalty then looks completely different and requires more effort. How to build customer loyalty and make them stay with your brand for a long time and recommend it to their friends? Here are some proven ways to help you with this task.

Building up customers’ loyalty is based on building their trust to your brand. Here are some key factors which will help you with building your brand awareness and obtaining customers’ loyalty.

1.recommendations and referrals

The more the better.  Show testimonials on your website from clients who have benefited from your services. The most valuable, of course, are those from large recognizable clients. However, any, even the smallest mention of your goods or services is worth posting. Show future customers, that it is worth working with your company. The website should also put information about the awards or prizes, if such company has received, because it will highlight the prestige of the collaboration with your company.

2. introduction of employees and your offer

Customer loyalty is gained by building a relationship with them and showing who you are. A trust is one of the most important factors. Ask yourself – who can you trust? Certainly your answer will be – I can trust those who I know. The same applies to companies with which we cooperate – we choose the ones that we know and cherish. Use the leverage of content marketing – describe your business, but also introduce the people who work in the company, do it in such a way as to inspire confidence, without pomposity and affectation, but not effusively.

3. easy and constant contact

Remember that trust is based also on a good contact. Respond to emails and messages left sitting on social networks as quickly as possible. This will make the clients know that you care about them. Customer loyalty will increase thanks to the good contact. Efficient and substantive responses make the customer willing to use your services and recommend you to their friends.

4. security

A client using the services you provide needs to be sure that the information they will give you will be completely safe. Therefore, make sure you use security certificates, use antivirus and anti-theft software. It has repeatedly proved that the leak of information from the company, as well as the theft of confidential data significantly reduce confidence in the company. Customers are moving away from such brands, because they are afraid of the repetition of such a situation. And now the hackers having a base of email addresses and passwords can pretty much do the detriment of the people who put their trust in you.

5. privacy

When building a base of customers and business partners ask only the necessary data. For example for a personalized mailing, you only need an e-mail address and name of the person who will be saved on the list. For shipping goods you need the name and address of a customer. Do not ask for additional data – customers want to keep their privacy, so respect that.

6. being user friendly and search engine optimization

Listen to customer feedback and adjust your site to meet their needs. Don’t forget about search engine optimization. Your clients need to find you, to use your business. It is also important that the customer can freely move around the page and quickly find the information. Optimization and SEO are therefore one of the most important activities. Additionally, the website should also be aesthetic and well done visually.

7. benefits for customers

Customer loyalty can be gained through the appropriate discount and loyalty programs. This can be a discount for regular customers to shop, collect points that can be converted to the desired product, etc.

8. sharing is caring

Building customer loyalty through valuable tips? Definitely yes! Create a blog, publish texts related to your industry, guides, information, trivia. Valuable content will help you gain the loyalty of customers who will be able to find answers to their questions on your website, or tips on how to use the products. Take the time to help current or potential customers find what they are looking for. Remember, however, that even valuable content must be properly optimized, so when creating a blog also think about content and SEO.

9. taking care of your customers

Try to take the best care of your clients – send the goods as soon as possible, answer the question, carefully consider any complaints. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer who will stay with your brand and promote it better than any advertisement.

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