With millions of professionals from any and all industries on LinkedIn, there’s no good reason for any professional or company to be absent. However, many people underestimate what a powerful tool LinkedIn is for marketing. With that in mind, we came up with some tips to help you increase your LinkedIn prowess…

1. Be Visual
As we’ve mentioned previously, using images and other visual content on social media is always important, and this is no less true on LinkedIn. You can use photos, videos, linked articles with images and so much more. In fact, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for sharing infographics, based on traffic generated. The thing is, lots of people still aren’t doing this, which makes it a great opportunity for clever folk like you to get ahead. But make sure that whatever content you add doesn’t just sit there gathering dust, be sure to update your profile regularly with new visual content such as speaker videos and slides, recent articles or press features, samples of your work and product launches. Of course, there are all sorts of content you can use; that’s one of the best things about LinkedIn. It’s very quick and simple to do and you’ll be amazed at how much it can benefit your profile.

2. Make Connections
Once again, as we’ve referred to in previous articles, it’s very important to make real connections with your audience. Obviously it’s a little bit different on LinkedIn, as it’s more geared to B2B than it is to B2C, but the basic idea is the same: if you get on well with your audience, regardless of whether they’re the public or other businesses, then your marketing and networking efforts will be much more successful. One of the best ways to do this is by tailoring your content to your network members, rather than simply posting something generic. In order to be most effective, some levels of sleuthing are needed. Have a peek at the leaders in your network; find out what’s important to them and what they need. Use that information to build a relationship with them, which will in turn get you noticed by others. It’s an extremely useful trick for marketers on LinkedIn because it gives you pre-built connections. People will turn to you first when there is a problem, or an opportunity for mutual help or benefit.

3. Tag!
Another simple but effective way to improve your marketing on LinkedIn is by tagging connections in your posts. For those who don’t know how to tag connections, it’s simply a case of putting @ before your connection’s name, just like Twitter. The advantages of doing this are twofold. Firstly, your connection will get a notification to show them the post you’ve tagged them in, and secondly, the rest of your connections will also see the post in their news feed, just like on Facebook. Of course, you shouldn’t abuse this feature: make sure not to spam your connections by only tagging them in posts that are relevant or important to them or their business. Because nobody likes a spammer.

4. The Local Flavour
Discussions are a great way to network and market on LinkedIn, but given the huge volume of marketers and similar on the platform, it can be very easy for your messages to disappear in large discussion groups. Therefore, a good strategy, especially for smaller businesses, is to focus on small, local groups, rather than the big, more general ones. Since smaller groups will obviously have fewer posts in them, the members are more likely to read yours and respond to them, especially if they’re local. Another big advantage of this is the fact that being active in smaller groups makes you more likely to appear highly in the discussions tab and stay in the top-listed discussions for longer.
There you have it, some helpful and easy tips to improve your LinkedIn marketing. If you need any help with social media management, remember that we here at Pogo Digital can help.

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