What is Google Parter?

Google Partners is a special Google project dedicated for digital marketing agencies. It is design to support digital marketing agencies, consultants and other specialists who have a working relationship with Google services for business. Google partners allows to get access to closed trainings, newest information and newest solutions not available to anyone else.

How Google select their partners?

You need to meet a lot of requirements in order to become Google Partner. When you decide to hire a digital marketing company who is a Google Partner you have a piece of mind that your details and website will be in a hands of true professionals. Thanks to this system everybody gains something:

  • Clients are getting the best service possible
  • Digital marketing agencies receive a dedicated support from Google
  • Thanks to great service and products Google has a good reputation.

What you need to do to become a Google Partner:

  • Google needs to get genuine information about your agency, which means that someone who pretends to be a real agency can not participate in the program.
  • You need to get Google AdWords Certificate: firstly from the AdWords basics and later one of two advanced tests – search advertising or display advertising. In order to pass those exams you need to have a wide knowledge of Google products and the ability to use the knowledge in real life.
  • You need to spend on your AdWords account at least 10 000$ over 90 days. This volume verifies if the agency is active and working in real life on AdWords.
  • The current running campaigns need to be managed properly. Google reviews the campaigns run by the agency and scores their quality. At this stage Google verifies if the agency runs good quality advert campaigns and if the agency takes good care of their clients.

All four factors combined verify perfectly if the digital marketing agency earned an official Google Partners status.

What benefits are there from becoming a Google Partner?

  1. High quality service offered.
  2. Google Partners receive news early.
  3. Google Partners get access to new services before their release date.
  4. In an emergency Google Partners have a direct contact with Google and any issues are resolved much faster than through a normal contact.

How do I recognise a Google Parter?

Each official Google Partner has their profile on Google Partners page and an official logo on their website, just like the one on our page.