If your site has dropped dramatically in the search results ranking or you have received a notification from Google Webmaster Tools about manual action being taken it means that you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in removing manual filters. Removing the punishment can take between 1 week and several months depending on the size of the project and on the time frames in which Google will respond.

Factors bringing Google attention to your site:

by hackers – Not a lot content with little or no value – Pure spam – Spam created by users – Masking and / or sneaky redirections – Hidden text or keyword stuffing – Free hosting used by spammers – Spamming tags structure

– Unnatural links to your site – Unnatural links from your site – The website attacked 

Why is it important to remove the Google penalty as soon as possible?

Each penalty limits our visibility in Google search results, generating less traffic and fewer potential customers. Do not let this situation concerned you, each penalty day is a day of lost revenue.

Why should you trust us?

Our SEO team has successfully rescued over 100 websites from the penalty box .We 

look at each situation and site individually, as there is no easy fix working for every site. We will carry out a detailed issues diagnosis and will inform you about the outcome and work that will need to be done to rescue your site.

What will we need to start the rescue process?

To start we will require access to your

site Webmaster Tools and if possible information about the website history. If your website have been optimised by a SEO specialists, it would be very useful to have details of work done so far. If you don’t have those information or don’t know what Webmaster Tools is than don’t worry, we are here to help and our specialists will be able to assist you, no matter your circumstances.

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