Adapting the website to new trends and to mobile devices in many cases requires a major refurbishment of the page. Find out what elements should not be forgotten during the reconstruction of your site to avoid the drop in traffic as high as 70% and in consequence the conversion. On average we should refresh our page or change it completely every 2-3 years – from exchanging images to the overall optimization of functionality and usability. We do it in order to increase the number of enquiries and the same sale. However, if you do SEO work on your site, we can not forget about few important steps on the introduction of the new version: – Inform your SEO spcecialis that you are planning the redevelopment and when this will happen, – Save the current structure of the URL or implement a 301 redirection, – Build a new content on the page using important keywords, – Do not forget about optimization of the important phrases. These four important factors have a direct impact on the decrease or maintenance of the traffic and conversion. If you omit them than you are risking a sudden drop in search ranking. The biggest decrease I have ever come across after the website reconstruction, was a 70% drop in traffic from organic search, and consequently a 50% reduction in conversion. I will note only that this adverse state was maintained for a further four months (until the owner took my advice and returned to the state before reconstruction). You can prevent this situation in a very simple way – by informing your SEO agency about the site reconstruction. Simple and very effective! Here are some tips regarding the process.

1. New Design

Already at the stage of building new design solutions your SEO agency should be informed that in a few months page will change. As a result, SEO specialists may recommend selecting a CMS system that is SEO-friendly and facilitate future work related to optimization. el, especially when implementing new technology to your website in a way that it will not end in a drop of SEO actions and a fall of general traffic from Google and your AdWords campaigns to bring lower number of enquiries – because, for example.

2. Building Structure

At the stage of building a new site architecture your SEO agency will tell you which parts of your website should remain the same and why. In addition they will also indicate which subpages of the old version are very important and should be preserved.

3. Building Content

The texts appearing on the site have a crucial importance and it should be consulted (for each page) with a SEO agency. Already at this stage, SEO specialist will show you how to rephrase the content so it will fit the already positioned phrases.

4. Optimisation Before The Final Release

In the implementation phase, even before publication, SEO agency should be able to see the page in the trial version. As a result, there will be additional suggestions which will help the optimization of the already positioned phrases. The above model and the process of redesigning of a website can cause a drop in traffic, but it will be a decrease of a few percent. What’s more, this decreasee will linger for a few weeks, not months. I presented rebuilding steps that seem obvious and trivial, but they are still undervalued. Cooperation between SEO specialists and webmasters will lead to the fact that after a few weeks you will notice an increase in traffic and conversions (not fall) – which is a core objective of redesigning a site.
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