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Li Ju (Managing Director)

Li Ju is the founding force behind Pogo. The top dog. The main man. Head honcho.
His in depth knowledge of web-design and ecommerce has cemented Pogo’s position as one of the top digital agencies in Cardiff. Being the boss, he’s often too busy for office shenanigans but he always makes time for our clients.


Ken Abram (Business Consultant / Non Executive Director)

Over 30 years experience in helping clients achieve their business, personal and financial goals by thinking outside the box for creative wealth creation and tax mitigation strategies. Working with existing directors, his advanced insight knowledge of business has pushed POGO onto a different level of growth


James Edgeworth (Head of Tech)

Passionate about modern web and app technologies – has developed projects of all sizes, especially bespoke systems.

Responsible for all things technical. Mostly bespoke development of client websites and apps, but also internal systems, developer support, and investigating current API’s and frameworks.


Urszula (Digital Marketing Specialist / Account Manager)

Urszula Glowacka is a Social Media Account Executive at Pogo Digital. As a Social Media Account Executive she works to build our clients social media presence and influence through campaigns and daily posts across multiple social media platforms.

Prior to joining the Pogo Digital team, Urszula worked for a polish PR firm helping to manage the social media accounts for clients. Urszula graduated from Jagiellonian University with honors.


Pawel (Digital Marketing Specialist / Account Manager)

Coming from a background working in PR and digital marketing, Pawel Kobis took the step into the search world and hasn’t looked back…

Pawel’s passion and tenacity for blogger outreach and link building makes him a valuable member of the Pogo Digital team. He is excited by the continuous evolution within search, and looks forward to being a part of the industry for many years to come.

Pawel published a book in Poland on the subject of search engine optimisation and Google algorithms.


Dave Legion (Head of Art)

Adward winner of CreativePoool Annual Award 2015.

Tons of creativities come from inside. His outstanding work makes the smiles on lots of clients’ faces. He understanding of branding and imaging will bring the best / strongest messages into the market.