Price tracker is a system where you can grab all the prices you want to track on various different websites. With the crawled information, the system is able to analyse it and show the data to you in categories. This system can be used to track your competitors’ prices, or track your wholesalers’ prices to get a better understanding of what your products are performing for in the market.

The system shows reports to you on how many products you have are:

  1. in competitive prices position
  2. higher than your competitors
  3. over £x cheaper than your competitors (so that you can raise up the price to make more profit)
  4. having no competitors
  5. * The system can also tell you if any of your competitors are selling under your cost price
Price Tracker

Collect data for analysis

Track down the data in the market to help you with the business strategy going forward.

Save Ads budget

If your product prices are higher than your competitors, wouldn’t be nice to be notified and not to push the advertisement on paid advertising platform?

Higher Ads performance

If you are so confident on your prices among your competitors, you can just boost your ads to more audience and get higher conversation rate from the advertisement.

Know your competitors

Be on top of your competitors is always the key to success. The system can tell what position you are at in the current market among your competitors

Only £50 / month with No Limit!

  • Unlimited on number of products
  • Unlimited on number of competitors
  • Daily tracked prices update