Social Media Marketing is an extremely important part of any digital marketing plan, but when you get all the data from your social media, do you know what it all means? A lot of people don’t actually know how to measure the success of their social media marketing. We thought we’d round up a few ways to help you understand how to measure your social media success.


When people talk about ‘reach’, what they’re actually talking about is the number of people who’ve seen your content. While Twitter and Facebook have special social media marketing measurement tools, one easy way is to get a good idea of your reach is simply by assessing the number of people who could potentially see your posts. This means your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, LinkedIn group members and so forth.


Of course, one of the major goals of your social media marketing is to send traffic from your social media pages to your website or blog. This one is fairly self-explanatory, as blogs and most websites have built in tools to allow you to see where visitors to your site have come from.

Leads & Customers

This is one of the most important parts of social media marketing, and one which can be fairly easily measured. What we refer to as a lead is when your social media marketing makes a connection with somebody, whether they’re a business professional or a member of the public, which can then evolve into a paying customer. This can be easily measured simply by asking your leads where they heard about you from (assuming they don’t simply tell you that anyway, as many people helpfully do).

Conversion Rate

This leads on naturally (sorry) from leads, as the ‘conversion rate’ is the name given to the percentage of visitors to the site that become leads or customers. There are a few ways to measure the conversion rate. Once again, depending on your business, one easy way to measure it is by simply asking your customers in a survey how they found you. As long as it’s quick, most customers won’t mind. Perhaps the best method, however, is to use Google Analytics. This incredibly helpful tool allows you to track how many people have come to your website and how many people have purchased from you, as well as loads more useful data.


Hopefully, you’ve got plenty of social media pages (and if not, why not contact us to sort that out for you), but is that content grabbing people’s attention and bringing you their business? Well, it’s easy to find out. With Google Analytics (we can’t stress how useful this tool is), you can monitor the unique views of your pages and posts, the times spent on those pages, the total number of pages viewed by that person and so forth. It really is invaluable!

These are just a few of the ways you can keep track of how successful your social media really is. If you have any questions about social media marketing, or you’re looking for an experienced social media management company, then feel free to contact us through our website, or our own social media.

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