Pogo digital is launching the UK’s first ever weekly digital marketing club at Lab 22, Cardiff’s finest cocktail bar.

The Event

Pogo Digital, one of Wales’ leading digital marketing agencies is launching a weekly digital marketing club to help professionals and amateurs alike improve their digital marketing skills.Whether you’re a start-up business, a fully-fledged company, a creative producer or a graduate fresh into the real world, it’s perfect for you. Even if you’re just a freelancer looking to learn, or someone with a general interest in digital marketing. Every Thursday, come on down to Lab 22, winner of the 2014 Cardiff Life best cocktail bar award, on the corner of Mill Lane to mingle, with the first cocktail free and the rest special price until 10pm. Be merry and listen to our weekly guest speakers, experts in the field of digital marketing. Followed up by a healthy Q & A session and more chances to network, you can make contacts, discuss ideas or just sit back and enjoy the free nibbles (did we mention the free nibbles?), while you soak in the (probably) revelatory information you’ve received.

The Speaker

The launch event’s guest presentation will be done by the legendary (according to us) speaker Prab Chadha, who just so happens to be our Marketing Director. He will be presenting “How to become a Twitter ninja?” which will teach you how become the most skilled Tweeter that ever Tweeted. Every week after that we will usually have 2 speakers, talking about a variety of subjects.

Not Convinced?

Did we mention that the tickets are free? Well, they are! You’ve got nothing to lose by coming and everything to gain. If you’re interesting in getting tickets for the first week, head over to here and grab them before they’re all gone!

Finally, we’re looking for dynamic, interesting speakers with a sense of humour. If you work in the digital marketing industry, or want to talk about how digital marketing has benefitted your company, then contact us if you’re interested in speaking at one of our future events.

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