Organic traffic increased by 190%
A highly successful specialist retailer of hair extensions and accessories
Pogo Digital came in and
took control of our SEO
work and the effects were
immediate. Huge increases
in our organic traffic made
our decision to hand over
management of our PPC
accounts even easier; it’s a
decision we haven’t
regretted since.
Managing Director
Lush Hair Extensions
Key Facts
  • For the last 3-4 years Lush Hair Extensions have become one of the leading
    ecommerce websites dedicated to human hair extensions and related accessories
  • With 15,000 visitors a month the website was already successful
    but wanted to grow and maintain their lead via SEO and PPC
  • Pogo Digital were brought in to improve the architecture of their
    ecommerce site, and refine their PPC account.
  • Within six months website revenue increased by 38% and a year later
    that rose to 75%, a huge increase considering the starting numbers
  • Organic traffic from search engines saw year-on-year growth of 75% and is now 190% higher than at the start of the project
Project Background

As a business, Lush Hair Extensions were already successful when they contacted Pogo Digital. The website was well established and they were attracting a fair amount of traffic; however, the company felt there was more that they could be doing to channel their online audience.

The site wasn’t attracting high levels of organic traffic (search engines) and the PPC
campaigns had very low Click through Rates (CTR), which was having a detrimental effect on their paid advertising efforts.

  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Increase search engine traffic
  • Grow an already strong set of visitor numbers via new channels
  • Improve the architecture of a complicated ecommerce site
  • Create a Google AdWords campaign to drive traffic via paid search

The Lush Hair Extensions website already had the advantage of having a good domain age and being an established brand name amongst biking enthusiasts.

However the site needed some widespread changes when it came to SEO in order to improve rankings in the search engines for the newly revised keywords and phrases. By re-evaluating the website, Pogo Digital identified areas of weakness that they could then optimise in collaboration with ID Management Systems.

For PPC we introduced new keywords and negative keywords into the account, helping to ensure that the adverts were only showing for targeted searches, whilst also removing unnecessary broad match campaigns. Landing pages were a priority too; ensuring that all ads were pointing to optimal selling pages would help ensure a decrease in bounce rate.

  • Within six months website revenue saw a positive increase of 38%
  • After a year this rose to a 75% increase from the starting point
  • Organic traffic rose by 190%
  • Click through Rate for PPC campaigns rose from 0.29% to 4.02%
  • Conversion Rates rose to 1.8%, with a peak of 4.92%