Organic traffic was up by 99% after just six months
University of Cambridge (CIE) Cambridge University is an internationally renowned educational establishment
Since Pogo Digital Cardiff took over our SEO work, we have seen consistent and noticeable improvements in our Google rankings and search engine traffic. They continue to deliver results and the CIE site has benefited as a consequence.
Andre Conov
New Media Manager
Key Facts
  • University of Cambridge International Examinations, are the
    largest provider of qualifications for 14-19 year olds in the world
  • The objective for CIE is to inform and provide assistance for teachers, students and examiners in all fields.
  • As their influence can be seen in exams right across the globe, CIE required better visibility online which led them to Pogo Digital.
  • After just six months organic traffic was up by 99%, and total site traffic
    also rose year-on-year further helping build the brand
  • Traffic rose between 28% up to 48% month-on-month when compared to the previous year
Project Background

University of Cambridge International Examinations is a global brand. They work with
schools in all parts of the world to develop educational programmes and testing procedures for students of all ages.

To maintain their worldwide reputation and develop new avenues of business, CIE
recognised that they needed to have a stronger online presence.

Whilst they had an existing site, it didn’t appear to be attracting the levels of targeted traffic that they hoped for.

Understanding the potential of the Internet, they contacted Pogo Digital to professionally manage their SEO campaign.

  • Increase organic traffic flow
  • Improve positions for keywords and phrases
  • Strengthen the website’s link profile
  • Increase the number of sign ups
  • Build global awareness of the brand

Working closely with Cambridge International Examinations, Pogo Digital got to work in pinpointing where the website was underperforming. Simple errors such as missing Meta and broken links, which can lead to major issues, were soon identified and fixed. The strength of the site was also a major priority, with a significant link building campaign launched to ensure that the site would gain authority within the search engines.

Keywords were also revised to ensure that the Cambridge International Examinations website was gaining rankings for only the most relevant traffic.

This helped ensure a better flow of targeted traffic and a more diverse range of rankings with the SERPs.

  • After six months organic traffic was up 99%
  • Year-on-year traffic increases ranged from 28% up to 48% month-to-month
  • The site now enjoys first page positions for the majority of their targeted key phrases
  • Significant year-on-year improvements in all sectors, including the PPC campaigns