More than 70% of adults use social media, yet many businesses don’t know how to use it effectively, therefore they are in need of a good and trusted social media agency.

Here at Pogo Digital, we know just how important it is to have a strong presence on social media. It allows you to communicate directly with your fans and customers, relay important news and promotions, expand your client base, and more! Of course, many businesses simply do not have the manpower or relevant experience to manage a successful social media empire. That’s why our social media agency offers comprehensive social media management packages. We’ll get your social media pages up and running, post high-quality content, interact with your consumers and even provide regular reports, so that you can see exactly what we’re doing and how it is benefiting your business.

We have a number of exceptionally talented social media specialists, including our Head Marketing, Luke Richard, who has years of experience in the field of social media.

Pogo Gets Social

Daily management of all your social media accounts
Updates, posts and content creation
Customer engagement
Reputation Management
Social listening for new business opportunities
Training and consultancy
Reporting and ROI monitoring
Social Media Packages
Profile Set Up
Social Media Management Packages

Social Media Management