What is email marketing?
Email marketing is a cost effective and simple way to market your business or products to both existing customers and potential new ones. It can take the form of newsletters, product announcements, project status updates, or just about anything you can think of that you’d like to relay to your customers. Email is an excellent way to reach way of reaching an audience, however wide, with just the press of a button.

How does it work?
Once you’ve accumulated a mailing list, for example, by setting up a subscribe button on your website and social media, we can manage that list and send the messages you want to all of your chosen fans.
Our expert team of graphic designers, copywriters and marketing specialists will create visually outstanding, professionally written and fully optimised emails for your business, before sending them out. We monitor the open rate of your email marketing campaign, as well as how many people click on the links inside the email. All of this information and more is included in our regular reports, to help you understand what your customers and fans respond to best.

What we offer
We utilise tried and tested marketing methods to increase your email open and click through rates.
We ensure that your campaigns are launched at the most effective times to reach the widest possible audience.
We will create a fully optimised email template from scratch for use on your campaign.
We check all of our email content against the best spam filters available.

Pogo Offers

Professional Copy
Focused Marketing Messages
Spam Checked
Campaign Management

Email Marketing
Professionally composed email campaigns
Connect with your audience
Spam checked