SEO Audit and Website Optimization

We offer a professional and comprehensive SEO audits. Thanks to 5 years of experience we Guarantee traffic increase..

Are you in the process of designing new website?

We provide audits on every stage of creation – from and idea to a final stage.
We offer support for up to 6 months after producing an audit.

Low traffic?

We can permanently increase the traffic, even on the websites which have been generating losses for years.

Sudden drop in ranking?

Pingwin, Panda or maybe an unprofessional SEO service?
If you suspect that your website has been penalised than you need an audit.

Thinking about SEO?

An audit is a first and most important step. Don’t waste your chance for success.

How a SEO audit can help me?

An audit will include a list of recommendation and ready solutions for your website, each solution or technique has been checked and proved right.

Natural and permanent Google search ranking jump

SEO audit is the best investment. After implementing the recommendations your position in Google search ranking will go up. SEO audit is also the first and the most important step before doing any SEO work on your website.

Increased visits from Google

After implementing the suggestions and recommendations you will get much better organic traffic from Google search engine. We have 100% rate of success in this field.

Your new content will get indexed faster

Google will visit your website more often and will index any changes much faster. We will eliminate any errors, which decreased Google trust.

Better results of AdWords campaigns

Implementing our suggestions may have a very positive influence on AdWords campaigns. The changes will improve the quality of target website.

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    What is included in and audit?

    Since 2005 we have audited many websites, including the most popular and well known websites in UK and abroad. We offer a professional and dedicated solutions by analysing several dozen of factors influencing your position in Google ranking and the level of indexation.

    An audit will include a list of recommendation and ready solutions for your website, each solution or technique has been checked and proved right.

    • Tag title and meta tags – building up a structure and pointing out errors in the current structure
    • URL addressing and friendly URL
    • Google Sitemaps – content, news, video, graphics
    • Content analysis – placement and density
    • Media analysis – photos, movies set on the website, Flash
    • Duplicate Content analysis
    • Source analysis and removal of errors influencing SEO
    • Implementing additional systems improving indexation
    • Social SEO – comprehensive guidelines of implementing social media for SEO profit
    • Full analysis of links structure and redirections
    • Detecting websites with duplicate or stolen content
    • Implementing of SERP improvements – Rich Snippets, Google+ Authorship
    • Loading audit – implementing methods influencing the speed of website loading
    • Long Tail optimization
    • Interlinking – internal linking
    • Protecting website against link juice “leaking”
    • Broad analysis of over a dozen factors from Google Webmaster Tools
    • Advanced website Crawl
    • Suggestions on organic Link Baiting in White Hat version

    Along with many other audit points, including some of the newest tricks, which have not been yet well known, but have proven their value and are in line with Google guidelines for Webmasters. 

    How much is it?

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    How long will it take?

    The audit  delivery time will vary, it will, depending on the website itself, be from a few hours to a few business days, we also take last minute orders. We will support you for up to 6 months after providing an audit for no extra cost.