Facebook Acquires WhatsApp: The Facts

On Tuesday, Facebook announced that it had acquired popular messaging app, WhatApp, for $19 billion including an additional $3 billion in vesting stock options. Naturally, there is a lot of buzz surrounding the transaction and many WhatsApp users are already jumping to conclusions and tweeting their intentions to discontinue use of WhatsApp simply because it now…

2014 In Social Media News (So Far!)

We’re not even one month in to 2014 and already, waves are being made in Social Media. Here are the top stories from 2014 so far.

Vine introduces web profiles

January 3rd
For almost a year now, Vine has been exclusive to users of the app, but on January 3rd Vine announced a web version on their blog. You can now log in to Vine on the web to view your home feed, edit your own profile and like, comment on and share your favourite vines. Unfortunately though, the web version doesn’t allow users to upload Vines and is lacking in a search function – much like Instagram’s equivalent online offering – so don’t expect to be discovering much new content. You can log in to your account at Vine.co.