Seo copywriting services

Content of a website is one of the most important things. It can influence the path of user’s visit and the purchasing decisions made by a potential client. What’s more the content can create user’s opinion about the company. 

Search engine marketing (SEM) requires optimisation of website source but also the content of the website. Content optimisation requires creating an informative and pleasant to read text. It should be rich in information for users and for the search engine – that’s the job for a good seo copywriter.

SEO copywriting service is a very important factor supporting optimisation of a website. The text should be interesting for a user and have important elements for search engines like keywords, key phrases and their placement.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience we need to create a content which takes into account:

  • keywords specification,
  • frequency of keywords usage,
  • the key recipients and their needs,
  • text size,
  • site optimisation needs.

SEO copywriting actions

Close working relations between the SEO team, copywriting team and the client give the best chances for a success. That is because we can keep the integrity of our actions after founding out the client’s needs and goals. Each element, the work of copywriters and actions taken by SEO team have a huge influence on achieving the goal.

What we offer:

  • creating new content from scratch,
  • changing and optimising existing texts,
  • implementing guiding elements into the content (leading the user by links in content).

SEO copywriting service works best when it is done along with SEO work. The copywriter and SEO team can work closely together and coordinate their work in order to achieve the goal.