You are a marketing executive for the UK based Digital Marketing Agency POGO Digital. You have been tasked by a prospective client that has approached POGO Digital to devise a mobile marketing plan to boost online sales. The prospective client is a leading fashion and jewellery brand that specialises in the development, manufacture and supply of its products. The client has around 30 stores in the UK and has about 1000 fans/followers with limited interaction with customers through social media (Facebook, Twitter and recently Instagram). 80% of their sales are store based and the level of sales have declined over the past few years. The brand had a developed an e-commerce website in 2010 but has no more than 20% of its overall sales through its website. The client believes the main driving force of its sales come from endorsements and sponsorship of events but is looking to move away from this they feel this approach is dated. Your plan should include the use of one or more of:
  • Mobile push notifications (e.g. SMS, MMS, WAP, A2P)
  • Mobile advertising
  • Mobile website
  • Mobile payment (e.g. NFC, wallet, WAP, SMS)
  • Social + Local (e.g check-ins, geofencing)
  • QR codes
  • Mobile landing page
  • Mobile search
  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile email
  • m-Commerce
  • Mobile campaign testing
When devising your mobile marketing plan, consider
  1. What are the best areas to focus on to create successful mobile marketing campaigns?
  2. What are the best mobile marketing tactics to include in your marketing campaign?
Use these Following links/resources when devising your plan: