The basic Facebook personal profile is your very own personal social media channel. It is about the things you do, get up to and indeed love (or the things you want other people to know you love anyway). If you are in the business of selling yourself (keep those thoughts clean) because maybe you are a party planner,  a singer or even just a one person business then this is the page for you. It will offer one on one chats and networking with other real people that will be all you will ever need.

The more professional Facebook business page on the other hand is used by a company that has a brand or maybe products to represent. Facebook is a good way for users to connect with or ‘like’ them and to grow a very dominating presence. The only problem with this type of page is that it requires a large lever of investment of both time and money. We feel Facebook has been making it next to impossible for people to grow their pages for the last few years now, and why should you spend money showing fans your latest posts when they have already ‘liked’ the page? We think this is wrong, but on the flip side Facebook really can bring MASSIVE levels of traffic to your site, but it will take a large investment to do so.

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