How can you increase the visibility of your posts on Facebook?

Promoting a company and taking care of its’ positive image should be the basic task of each business owner. There is a variety of options to do it – SEO, Google AdWords or social media. This time we will take a closer look at social media, simply because having a Facebook fan page is not enough! Let’s focus on increasing visibility on Facebook – we will show you how to reach a wider group of recipients.

Creating an effective social media strategy is a difficult task, especially when Facebook narrows posts reach which makes it even harder to get through with quality content to an appropriate recipients group. Not so long ago the posts were visible to 50% more fans than now. Your posts reach is determined by popularity and attractiveness of each post, which is measured by Facebook based on number of likes, comments and shares. When a post is not popular and doesn’t attract viewers, Facebook will decrease its’ visibility without a second thought taking away the chances of reaching the ideal recipient.

If you are publishing posts which don’t engage people you can only dream about a wide reach. You can of course pay for promoting your posts however there are methods of increasing reach which don’t require spending a lot of money.

Various posts on Facebook

You can try to get a wider reach by creating various versions of your posts – it is not the best idea to have only photos or only text posts on your page. Facebook will decrease your reach if your posts will not engage people and will constantly follow the same structure. That’s why it is worth checking what types of posts you can add on Facebook and test their effectiveness, for example you can add pictures, videos or events – videos are very influential and videos uploaded directly to Facebook have a wide reach. It is worth to show sometimes a “behind the scenes” pictures or videos – fans love videos showing a company from a different, not official side.

Encourage to take action

Nothing will work better for your fan page than quality and useful content; however the content itself is not enough… The content needs to be shown correctly and interest the audience in a way that they will want to know more. A post should describe correctly and encourage engagement – commenting, sharing or liking. Communication should match the character of a fan page and type of post, it is also a good idea to use “call to action”.

Take matters into your hands

You can promote the post yourself – naturally we don’t mean spamming. It is a good idea to share the post in various groups, which are a match to your posts’ topic. There is no point in being pushy; it is worth checking first where your posts will find interest and potential audience. It is important for your fans not to miss your new posts (all you need to do is ask them to allow notifications from your page). Show your audience why they should follow you and what benefits will they get if they do. You can write on similar profiles and groups to increase your visibility on Facebook.

Facebook linking

Recalling old posts may also increase their visibility – this action is very useful when creating a cycle of posts. When publishing a new post from the cycle of posts add a link to the previous post or posts so you fans won’t forget them. Directing people to your old posts you will increase their visibility and reach of each post.

Above we have described various methods of increasing the reach of posts on Facebook. It is very important to test the methods and selecting those which are effective for your business. Check the statistics and note which topics interest your fans the most.

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