E-mail marketing – a perfect tool?

An average Internet user receives each day between 10 and 80 emails. Emails from mailing lists are a big part of this numbers. This is because of the e-mail marketing which is the most common method of promoting a brand and selling products. What is effective e-mail marketing, and what are the benefits of sending e-mails and newsletters? You will find the answer to these questions in the following article.

What is e-mail marketing?

E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing. It involves the use of e-mail. This is the centre of communication between the sender (the seller) and the receiver (client). When e-mail marketing campaign is prepared properly, it may be the key to gain loyal customers and strengthen the brand position. Importantly, e-mail marketing allows you to build good relationships with customers, as well as maintaining good contact with clients. Thanks to e-mail campaigns can also arouse interest in a particular product or service. Effective e-mail marketing is the image of the company.

As shown by the various types of analysis, e-mail marketing is one of the most used forms of Internet marketing. It is also one of the most cost-effective forms of promotion of the company. According to the Direct Marketing Association campaigns using e-mail marketing bring $ 43 return for every invested dollar.

Effective e-mail marketing – what are the benefits?

The main advantages of e-mail marketing include first and foremost – a high level of return on investment. But it is not the only advantage of this form of promotion of the company.

Preparing an e-mail marketing campaign is one of the simplest forms of promotion on the network. The sky is the limit when preparing content for customers, you can choose from a variety of templates – both graphic and text. By using the templates you can either create a single e-mail addressed to a specific individual, as well as the whole mailing campaigns.

E-mail marketing also allows very quick access to the customer. The message I want to convey is being delivered within a few seconds after it was sent. This allows instant interaction. That’s why e-mail marketing is increasingly used in real time marketing campaigns.

In addition, this form of promotion is very easily measurable. Whether the mailing proven effective can be easily checked with the help of special programs analysing the entire campaign, and every single mail. This type of analysis also allow, at a later time, to personalize better the content of future mailings.

In addition, the e-mail marketing does not have geographical borders. You will deliver your campaign to your clients living in the same city as you do and to those who live across the world.

What types of e-mail marketing are there?

 There are three main forms of e-mail marketing:

  • promotional marketing,
  • relationship marketing,
  • spam,

It is very important to remember that the first two forms of marketing are based on customers’ approval to receive emails, newsletters etc.

SEO and e-mail marketing

It is questionable whether effective e-mail marketing has something to do with SEO. As it turns out, these two forms of promotion have many common elements, but operate on different principles.

One of them is e-mail marketing message subject and the first sentence of messages that display under the theme, which corresponds to the SEO title and meta tags. These elements if properly formulated will help both in e-mail marketing and SEO to encourage customer to familiarize themselves with your offer and engage in content. These first few words may be significant for obtaining potential customer.

Just like the websites are visible in the search engine, a newsletters can be displayed in organic search results. This requires the establishment of an archive of e-mail – Virtual library of newsletters, as well as the application of the principles of SEO when creating mailings. Including  relevant keywords in the text and headlines and add alt text to images (so that the robots Google know what contains graphics without having to display) – are examples of items that you can associate with SEO, and which might as well maximize the effects of the e-mail marketing campaign.

Generating leads is also a point of combining SEO and e-mail marketing. Although it is commonly believed that SEO is the main channel generating leads, e-mail marketing is as much responsible for it. Newsletters subscribers and existing customers are the most reliable way to reach potential customers, corresponding to your target group. A simple method of including social media icons, which is also one of the basic techniques to support your SEO, will engage your customers and help you promote your brand through them. Remember that you need to give your customers a powerful reason to share your deal.

The above examples are just a part of how you can use SEO to support the efforts in e-mail marketing, and vice versa.

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