While the two are indeed linked, they are very different things. Without site content search engines like Google and Yahoo would never exist, then SEO would be pointless!

We at Pogo marketing think that is it more important that you understand how to create useful and engaging content that is the best answer for the customers search query! After all if you are a shop selling Cheese in the middle of Cardiff someone is not going to Google “Cheese Shop Cardiff” they are going to Google “Nearest Cheese shop to me?” something along those lines anyway. So as long as you have the content to answer such a search term, with SEO behind it people will not only be able to find it, they will most likely buy from it as well creating a much better ROI for hiring the SEO and content firm in the first place!

Our point is while SEO will help raise your content higher up the rankings, it has to be down to the content being right for the customer! The two go hand in and hand, but are not the same thing at all. Google are not some crazy evil firm wanting to overtake the planet, they just want what is best for the person searching!

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